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Sore Throats

We are currently seeing sore throats due to a variety of causes. How can you tell when your child needs to come in for a sore throat? Several clues can help you decide if the sore throat might be caused by a bacterial infection that needs to be treated with antibiotics ( like Strep throat) or by a virus that can be managed at home. Strep throat is an infection cause by a Group A streptococcal bacteria. It is a contagious infection which causes a rather sudden onset of a significant sore throat. In addition to sore throat, it typically causes symptoms of headache, stomach ache, swollen lymph nodes (in the front of the neck), and fever. It can also produce a pink, sandpapery rash on the body ("Scarlet Fever"). There is usually no cough or runny nose associated with Strep throat (unless a child is infected with strep throat while they also have a cold). In this less likely situation, a child with a cold for several days suddenly develops a very significant sore throat. With many cold viruses, a sore throat may be present the first day alone but within a day or two, there is also runny nose, cough or a hoarse voice. This combination of symptoms is very unlikely to be Strep throat. Strep throat is diagnosed by a combination of physical exam findings (including enlarged, very red tonsils) and lab test(s) including either a positive rapid test (done in our office) or a Strep DNA test which is sent to the hospital. The treatment is 10 days of antibiotics. If you are unsure if your child needs to come in, please give our nurses a call and we will be happy to help you make that decision!

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