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We now have in stock the Meningitis B vaccine.  This is different from the 4 strain meningitis vaccine we give at age 11 and again at age 16. It is currently not required in Kentucky. There have been Meningitis B outbreaks at a few colleges in the U.S.  
The attached video details why we recommend the HPV vaccine for all boys and girls age 11 to 26 years. We are giving HPV vaccine booster doses as nurse visits during the week. Please call us to schedule an appointment.

Safety Rules and Tips for Biking.
We are pleased to announce that Whitney Rich is now offering her services to our patients. She will be located at the Mt Zion office.  She has an excellent background and is familiar with a wide variety of nutrtion issues affecting children.  Please see this flyer for more information:  Whitney Rich Flyer.pdf
Due to changes in state regulation we are only giving immunizations to our Medicaid or VFC patients at our Crestview Hills location.  We can see patients at any location for ill visits but if we see your child for a well visit at the Cold Spring or Mt. Zion offices and they need a vaccine you will have to stop by our Crestview location the same day or schedule another time to come in for vaccines.  We appreciate your understanding.
Great news for our teenagers under 15 years old! The Human Papilloma Virus vaccine is showing very good immune responses in our young teens.  
We are always surprised that many parents forget that the office is open every Saturday.  Before you head off to a local ER, urgent care or retail clinic for that untimely weekend malady, give our office a call.  
On December 12 we transitioned to a new electronic health system called Office Practicum. This EHR will enhance our ability to communicate better with our patients and serve you more efficiently.
As co-pays and deductibles increase, we are becoming more aware of the cost of medications. Generic drugs are usually a fine substitute, but sometimes they are an inferior product. 
It has been a very busy last few months at Pediatric Associates as we transitioned to a new Electronic Health Records system.  We appreciate your patience as we have made the change.  We wanted to thank all of you who completed our mini Patient/Family Experience Survey in the fall.  As you may recall, this survey was conducted to assess our improvements in the area of customer service.  This  was a very specific topic addressed in staff meetings from February-August of 2016.  Our goal was to increase the number of families responding "Always" when asked about how often they found staff groups "courteous and helpful".  We again had an excellent response from our families in completing this survey.  We are happy to report  that your survey results showed improved ratings of "always" for our PSRs, nurses, scheduling staff, and billing!  We also want you to know that a committee of managers and physicians reviewed the results and all of your comments.  The results were also discussed with our staff.  We are continuing to work on improvements.  We appreciate your willingness to help us in this effort.  We look forward to hearing from you again when we send out our next survey this spring. If you would like to provide feedback sooner, you can also contact us on the website at the bottom of the page. Thanks again!
Due to state and pharmacy regulations we may ask for photo ID when picking up prescriptions. Please plan ahead accordingly. Thanks for your cooperation!
Forgot to come in for your annual check-up last summer? Does your child play a spring or summer sport? At our annual well visits we can fill out your paperwork, screen vision, check hearing, check cholesterol, and give routine immunizations. Click on the flyer to see the difference between a check up and a "sports physical".  Well Checks vs Sports Physicals
At Pediatric Associates, we pride ourselves on providing consistent high quality care to all of our patients.  Additionally, we strive to improve our care of individual patients and groups of patients.  In order to do this, we have ongoing practice wide measures that we track in the areas of clinical quality, care coordination/utilization, and patient/family satisfaction.
This summer, Dr. Kevin Reidy will be leaving Pediatric Associates to take a full-time position at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. Since 2008, he has been part of a team of community pediatricians that have helped manage the patients on the psychiatry units at the College Hill campus. Starting In April, Dr. Reidy will be the Medical Director of pediatric services at College Hill. Until the end of August, he will be working a reduced schedule in our Cold Spring and Crestview Hills offices as he starts his new role.
While we're all sad to see Dr. Reidy go, we're excited about his new opportunity and wish him the best!
Sever disease, a.k.a. calcaneal apophysitis, is a painful inflammation of the calcaneus or heel bone. 
We encourage annual well visits for all our patients.  Starting at age 16 we are now giving a second Meningococcal ACYW135 booster.  We also recommend checking cholesterol and updating Tdap (tetanus, diphteria, and pertussis). The Meningococcal B vaccine is also a new option.
For many years we have told our grade school patients "no shots until 6th grade". However, at this time the NKY Health Department is recommending that we give the Tdap vaccine (tetanus, diptheria, acellular pertussis) at age 10 regardless of grade to help combat the outbreak of Pertussis ("whooping cough") in the area.
We are now able to electronically prescribe controlled substances for 30 days such as ADHD stimulant medications.  
Nearly 600,000 asthma inhalers have been recalled because of a “defective delivery system,” according to the Food and Drug Administration.
Please click on this link to see if your child's EpiPen should be replaced:  EpiPen Recall
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